Saving money

We're trying to live on less. We've always lived at or (gasp!) a little over our means. It's a difficult thing to spend less than you could. But we're finding that it is doing a couple things.
  1. we're a little more content
  2. we're losing a little weight (not eating out all the time)
I'd like to be to the place where we're able to save one of Regina's paychecks every month. We're working on it! Gina bought groceries yesterday and spend less than $40 for the week! That is Awesome!


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dadofanz said... September 9, 2008 at 6:47 AM

totally agree. I want to live on one salary and pay off / bank the other one. Explaining to amberly that it's better to not get stuff but to make memories is an interesting thing. She didn't get that we could get enough ice creme for all of us with cones for the cost of one cone at this place up here. I told her that if we would do that kind of thing it would let us do more fun stuff and go cool places.

go figure takes losing all that I am to wake up

pattalena said... October 1, 2008 at 1:19 PM

Less than $40 for a week's groceries? How?? Or did she spend $300 the week before and this was just condiments?

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