My weakness...

I wish there were just one. But the biggest is sweets. Regina likes salty stuff much more. I like sweet. Thus, the ice cream and donuts this weekend. What's your weakness?

Losin it - week 3

OK. I'll admit it. I'm a slacker. Put it off on Saturday. Didn't do it Sunday. I'm finally on it today. I'm holding even from last time. I did really well this week until Thursday. We went out with friends to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Ate too much. Then needed sweets. Dairy Queen and a med choc dipped cone. Saturday did great until after dinner and needed Dunkin Donuts. Oooh so good! Sunday, didn't do bad, but had pizza for dinner. I. Am. Bad. So, hitting the gym at 4:00 today if anyone wants to join me. Cardinal on Howell. How'd you do???

Thursday shots

Lots going on this week.
  • I've been working on an alternate Harvest web site. Basic, but functional and fairly attractive. I'll update when it's out for public consumption (if it goes that far).
  • Getting ready for my big project this weekend. I'm re-siding my garage. It's needed it pretty much since we bought the place 3 years ago. This weekend it's happening.
  • Next week is the Oak Creek 4th of July parade. We've got floats in it and I've got some work to do for one of them. Should be a great opportunity to increase Oak Creek's awareness of what's up here at Harvest.
  • We bought a new scale last weekend. It weighs 2lbs heavier than our old one. I'm not sure how that works, but I checked it a couple times. 2lbs. So, If I compensate for the new scale, I've lost 6 lbs as of this morning. 224 (adjusted) isn't bad. Hopefully I'll be at 223 by Saturday. That'll leave just 13 lbs in 9 weeks. If I can manage 2 lbs/week I'll be at 205 by the end of August. I'll really have to push it if I'm going to break the 200 barrier.
  • 6 weeks and 2 days till vacation. Can't wait!

Losin It - week 2

All right. If you're in on the challenge you need to weigh in today. So post up with
  1. your weekly weight update
  2. what you did this week to lose it
  3. how far you have to go
For those in on the $$$ side of the challenge, See me this weekend at Harvest with your $5. I'll have a log for you to check in and envelope for the $. Here's my info for week 2.
  1. weight: 227
  2. how I did it: I ate less and smarter.
  3. to go: 17 lbs left.
Your Turn.

Coldplay/Vanilla Ice

I've been a fan of Coldplay for several years. And I've been listening to the new album for the last several days. I like it. Jordan posted this today and I had to laugh. Not exactly the same, but pretty close. How much do you suppose they'll end up paying for this$$

3 lbs

I've been weighing each morning. So far, I've lost 3 lbs this week. Actually in the last two days. If I keep up this pace, by the end of August I will have lost 126 lbs!!! Makes 20 seem pretty easy, huh?

I'm feeling...

hungry. It's been a long time since I've actually stuck to a diet plan. Didn't really follow my plan this weekend. Father's day involved cake, ice cream, pizza... But the last two days I've done well. Fruit, healthy sandwiches from home, no St.Arbucks... Regina and I are keeping track of WeightWatchers points. Today I'm up to 10 points. For the uninitiated, that's not many. I think I get up to 32/day. I am hungry.

Viva la Vida

Coldplay's new album is out. I've only given it a cursory listening. But it's definitely Coldplay. With a twist. A little rockier in places, but the same song structures for the most part. I'll have to spend some time with the lyrics. But for now. I'm liking it.

Losin It

Ok. Seriously, is no one else joining the challenge??? Everyone else is completely happy with how the scale reads? Somehow, I find that hard to believe.

Budget Tool

Just found this great budgeting tool. We've been trying to get our spending habits under control. Tied Pear Budget. It's OK. But Mint actually syncs with your accounts and categorizes things for you so that you can see at a moment where you're spending. Also lets you set up a budget based on the categories and what you're spending. This may be the one I've been looking for. Yeah!

Losin It-the Beginning

Today is the day! We're joining the good folks at RagamuffinSoul with our own spin on the RagamuffinTop Challenge Add your comment with:
  • Starting numbers
  • Goal
  • Basics on how you're going to get to your goal
  • Let us know if you're in for the $ challenge
Don't be shy. In 12 weeks we'll all be ready for the beach!!! Here's my starting info...
  • June 14th weigh-in: 230lbs
  • Goal by August 30: 210lbs
  • How? Hitting the gym 4 days a week. Weights and cardio (elliptical/treadmill) and eating better (haven't got that part solidified yet)
  • I'm in for the $$$$$
Your turn!

Losin It

OK. It starts tomorrow. Here's the deal. Weigh in. Then leave a comment with your starting numbers, goal, and plan of attack. It's gotta be realistic. 12 weeks. Weigh in every Saturday and post it here. If you're in for the cash side of things, we're doing $5 bucks a week. I'll collect each weekend unless you're not a Harvester. If that's the case, contact me and we'll make arrangements. Everyone who makes their goal splits the pot. So, Saturday, look for the post. Post your numbers. And get hungry.

Maui in Milwaukee

I like sunglasses. No, I should say, I like good sunglasses. I lost my shades in the KC airport on my way back to MKE. Maui Jim's. They were my favorites I've ever had. I've been doing without since then. But today I was sitting outside at The Fixx with Amelia and I could hardly see. It was so bright. I had already planned to go walk around the mall this morning with Amelia. And there, in front of me. Sunglass Hut. I was weak. But my eyes feel much better. Last time, black/grey. This time, tortoise/bronze.
I like my shades.

Who's Who

I added Statcounter to my blog and it's been interesting to see how many hits I'm getting. Not that it's an overwhelming number, mind you. But it's got all kinds of graphs and things. My favorite is a map that show's where people are who visit BNS. I recognize most, but there are some surprises. I'll be checking the stats to see how many hits I can run up!

2 days...

...till we start "Losin' it 2008" I'm still looking for input on the cash incentive side of the contest. Your thoughts?

Lurkers come forth...

OK, I'm just plain curious. A couple of you have told me that you're reading this. But I'm really wondering who's out there lurking in the shadows. Time to step into the light. Please, take a second and leave a post so everybody knows who's out there. Consider it a favor to yours truly.


Regina and I have officially made the switch at home. I'm typing this on our new IMac. It is truly a thing of beauty. Nice to look at and easy to use. Loads of cool stuff and it does the things a computer should do. And it does them easily. The photo program itself has been the best thing so far. Regina has been able to go through all our photos since Amelia was born. She's got them in categories and albums and we're sharing on our .Mac page. Nice. Anyway, for those of you who are too fearful (or stubborn), take a cue from this former Windows die-hard. Mac is the way to go.

Losin It

We'll start on Saturday. Here's the deal. You must have a realistic weight loss goal. You must tell us what it is and how you plan to reach it. Don't go crazy with details. Come back each Saturday and update your progress and see how everyone else is doing. Now for the fun part. I was talking to Frank about motivation last night. Try this on for size... Starting this Saturday, we'll go for 12 weeks. Each week we each put a little dough in the pot. At the end of the 12 weeks, each of us who reach our goal split the pot. Interested? How much $ per week? Come on, who's in???