The next step...

OK. So, if there is absolute moral standards exist, and secular music is not inherently evil. Is there a place for a straight (lyrics not changed) secular song in church? I've obviously got an opinion here, but I'd like to hear your thoughts before I throw my hat in the ring. Bring it on!

Christian vs Secular music...

Philippians 4:8. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. NIV This is the verse that comes back to me when I have conversations about music in church. Specifically, christian vs secular music. In conversation, this verse is used to imply that we should only listen to "christian" music. And should only use "christian" music in our corporate gatherings. I struggle with this. I don't see that anywhere in the passage. And in context, it seems to say just the opposite. Paul is writing to the Philippians who are being persecuted severely. He is encouraging them not to throw in the towel in regards to the rest of the world. If you look back to the beginning of the chapter, Paul is encouraging the believers to get along. And to rejoice in all things, in good times and in bad, not to worry, and to pray. Then, we get to vs 8. He uses the word "whatever." Not "whatever - within your own church" or "whatever - in your own family." He says "whatever." In the context of the letter, he's got to be saying "look at the world and don't focus on the bad things. Focus on whatever is good..." I like the way the NIV Application Commentary puts it.
Paul's list of virtues in verse 8 assumes that the world contains many good qualities that merit the believer's consideration and affirmation. It also assumes that the pagan world has some notion of good and bad, right and wrong, duty and irresponsibility, beauty and ugliness, honor and shame... Paul assumes, in other words that absolute moral standards exist, that people other than Jews and Christians have affirmed them, and that the believer can benefit from pondering examples of them wherever they occur, even in the pagan world.
So, should we use only "christian" music? Should we listen to only "christian" music? What do you think???

I don't understand

why I am fine all day long but hungry like a bear in winter in the evening. It's killing me! Ran some yesterday after some weight work. Planning to do it again today. 4:00 @ Cardinal. Be there!

Losin It - week 4

OK. My slackerdom knows no bounds. It's Tuesday. I know. Last week. Held steady at a loss of 6 lbs. Strangely, the scale says that my fat content is going down. Guess the muscle really does weigh more. Ran once and that was it. I know some of you are doing well. Some are struggling. Keep at it. Hunger is not the enemy. Fat is the enemy. I'm done with fat.

Somebody must have been chasing me...

because I ran yesterday.
I always used to say that I don't run because nobody ever chases me. Somebody with a knife, a guy with a gun, Barney... I would run from them. But yesterday I pushed some weights and then walked over to the treadmill, stepped on, and ran. I ran slowly, but I ran. I did not run far. But I ran. I am proud a little proud. I ran about a mile and a half. Like I said, not far. But I can't remember the last time I ran for exercise. Before we moved anyway - 3 years at least. So, I brought my gym bag and I'm going to hit it again today. My legs hurt. But I'm going to run anyway. At least the same distance. Maybe more. The hard thing is convincing myself that someone is chasing me. I think I'll picture him... Scary!