Tuesday thoughts

Been a while since I've posted. It's been a busy time of life, I guess.
  • Was given a Mac Mini last week and spent too much time getting it set up and stuff transfered. I've heard it said that Mac users think they are better than everyone else and that there is a certain implied arrogance. I'm not sure about all that, but I will say that this thing is so much simpler to use (for the most part). Simple, small, sleek. I like it.
  • Started using Planning Center Online last week. Went live with it yesterday. I think I like it. Hopefully the rest of the team will find it helpful. It makes life a little easier since it's web-based. No platform issues.
  • I'm preaching this weekend. I'll be talking from 1 Samuel 13-15. I'm calling it "Fearless". We'll contrast young Saul with old Saul. And old Saul with Jonathan. I'm praying that God will speak through me. I don't preach often. The preaching weight on top of my normal duties makes for a tough week.
  • Back to the gym yesterday. Shoulders and back. I Am Sore. Hitting legs today.