Back in the MKE

That was just about the most exhausting week I can remember. Not much sleep. Overly energetic daughter. Made it home last night after: drive 1 1/2 hours stop at St.arbucks climb on chairs... drive 1 1/2 hours lunch with my sis, Teri play at the park drive to airport turn in car bus to terminal security checkpoint lose Maui Jim's wait entertain Amelia wait run after Amelia wait... flight to MKE See Regina waiting in the terminal nest to St.arbucks (didn't get anything to drink) Regina took off work today to spend some time with the daughter she's been missing. Hopefully, Amelia will be back to normal tomorrow. She's still a little wound up.


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TWBD said... May 6, 2008 at 2:37 PM

Have you recovered yet? There has been little action between the nut and saddle lately.

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