Losin It - week 4

OK. My slackerdom knows no bounds. It's Tuesday. I know. Last week. Held steady at a loss of 6 lbs. Strangely, the scale says that my fat content is going down. Guess the muscle really does weigh more. Ran once and that was it. I know some of you are doing well. Some are struggling. Keep at it. Hunger is not the enemy. Fat is the enemy. I'm done with fat.


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Maggizine1 said... July 8, 2008 at 12:39 PM

1. I lost 2 pounds this week...total 4 pounds.
2. I am alternating cardio and weights 6 days a week...also biking and water aerobics classes.
3. I have 17 pounds to go.

I have to say my clothes are fitting better and I can tell the muscles underneath all the fat is starting to take shape. I feel like I have more stamina and I want to up the cardio and weight level next week. I feel like my mind is kicking in with food choices. I have LOTS of veggies and fruits in the house. That way I don't sabotage myself. I can hear the voice inside my head saying don't eat that or you have had enough even though I want to eat more. I am trying to think of food as fuel instead of pleasure or something to do. I have felt REALLY good (healthy) this week. However, I did REALLY enjoy the coffee at church this weekend. Yummy!

There are some keys from the Joyce Meyer book that I've tried to put into practice.

1. Eat like those in bible times. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats. Since I am detoxing I have skipped the meats so far.

2. Mindless eating – I have a tendency to eat without even thinking. Now I am trying to ask questions like Am I hungry? Do I need that? Etc. I have struggled with this lately like last night. But I didn’t surcome!

3. Drink a lot of water. I started this last week. I knew I wasn't getting enough so I got the water bottle out and try to get 64+ ounces in everyday. So far I feel great and I can tell I am not as hungry.

4. De-stress - I am trying to get my body and mind to relax and just be! Apparently stress has all kind of reactions in the body all the way to the cell level by poor nutrient absorption.

Keep pressing on everyone! I know if I can do it anyone can. It’s all in how you handle it!

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