Catch up - Excuses

I went off a little bit last week. You can read it here if you haven't already.

Byron and Tahd added to the discussion. But Byron posed some questions that may bear some thought. He said:

...what should our expectations be of people for "remembering the Sabbath....and forsaking not the assembly together....?" If we are to have forms that resonate with the varying cultures of our southern Milwaukee county and beyond, what does that look like? By the way, the "beyond" part invites everyone reading this out there to jump in with some opinions.

Do we just prepare the table of worship and hope people come? Do we ask people what they like, and only fix things they will consume? Do we offer a wide variety, buffet, that we know everyone can find at least something they like?

We busted Keith a little for feeling bummed that people didn't show up after lots of people work so hard to prepare His communion table. What should it look like? What would He have us do differently? Or does He expect us to come through the doors indignantly because people have not honored His place as a House of prayer and worship and rather they treat it as a den of iniquity where you choose to buy-in or opt out week to week, moment to moment?

So, what do you think? What should we expect from our Christian brothers and sisters when it comes to meeting together?

Your turn.