Busy or Productive

I haven't posted here for a while. I see my blog every time I open up Firefox and I feel a little twinge of regret that I haven't been diligent in posting.

I've been busy.


But I've been wondering the last week or so. Why am I feeling so busy? Especially when I'm not feeling terribly productive.

I think I tend to work on the immediate tasks that pop up throughout the day rather than focusing on what I need to do to be productive. And it seems to me that most of us are this way from time to time. The biggest frustration for me is that I know that I have loads of things that I could be doing and being productive.

Planning services, planning Easter event, working on home projects, developing personal leadership and leadership skills in others. The list goes on.

After coming back from Catalyst One Day, I've been spending considerable energy and time in working on/ reading about/ listening to podcasts about leadership. And focus is a big part of what the leaders of leaders talk about . Focus on being productive. Focus on what is important rather than what is immediate/urgent.

I guess today is a day for renewing focus. And I'm going to focus on being productive.