First night in Derby

Made it to Kansas with little problem. Somehow, I didn't hear the announcement at the airport for early boarding if you've got kids and the like. So, here I am. Amelia in her car seat on wheels, diaper bag over my shoulder, and Taylor 614ce in hard case, walking down the ramp to get on the plane. I get to the door and the stewardess looks at me like I'm trying to part the red sea while juggling sharp objects. Probably not far off the mark. I've gotta say that the Midwest folks were very helpful. Not only did they help me get the car seat installed right, they loaded my guitar into the overhead for me and asked no questions. If you've ever tried to fly with an acoustic, you know just how amazing this truly is. Anyway, we got into KC, got luggage and had to get on a bus to the rental car facility. Me, Amelia (in her rolling car seat), my guitar, one small suitcase, and one large one - trying to get onto a bus and then rent a car. It had to be quite comical. We finally made it to the car and it was smooth sailing from there. Pulled into Derby and met with Jeff at PBC to work out the service for this weekend. I'll be filling in while he's in Portugal on a mission trip of sorts. Aparently, the set we have planned will be pushing the envelope a little for the good folks at Pleasantview. As this is the church where I grew up, I hope I'm not stirring up a hornets next - as worship music style issues tend to be. We shall see.