Easter week reflections

Been a busy couple of weeks. So, now it's back to the blog. Easter week was awesome! We had several church-wide activities that were really great. Sadly, we had to cancel the Path on Friday night due to the 14 plus inches of snow that pounded in on Friday. Thursday night was a great success as we presented an unusual look at Pilate and his response to Christ. "Pilate on the Beach" was a great presentation. Simple production but powerful message. Not your typical cheesy church drama. At just over 40 minutes, this one dealt with guilt and personal responsibility. The weekend was awesome! The Sunday crowds came ready to celebrate. And celebrate we did! Lots of upbeat music and songs of grace and power and the love of Christ. We have a father/son duo on electric guitars/keys and the Cornell guys rocked! (As always...) Really, we have some very talented musicians here at Harvest. And this weekend really drove the point home. Thanks to all our teams. Musicians, techies, producers, usher teams, everyone - you make serving with you a blessing. Looking forward to a little down(ish) time, but also looking forward to what God is going to do in the weeks to come.