Love Revolution

I like Lenny Kravitz. As a musician, he puts out some great high energy music as well as some cool ballads. I just downloaded "Love Revolution" and I'm genuinely intrigued by some of his lyrical content. I've read that Lenny claims to be a Christian and got the tat to let people know. But the lyrics of the first two songs on this album (Love Revolution, and Bring it On) could easily have been written by some of my favorite Christian musicians. That said, I'm enjoying my first shot through the album. It all hearkens back to the 70's. With sounds from the Beatles, Zeplin, a little Motown. But all with a definite Kravitz sound. I'll be rockin to this for a while.


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Kevin said... March 11, 2008 at 2:35 PM

I heard Lenny do his thing on Leno or Letterman last night (or the night before??) and I couldn't believe the lyrics I thought I heard him singing.

I'm glad you mentioned this - I want to download the album too. I like Lenny... he's got the groove. I also liked the song they played on TV. It sounded less produced like a lot of music out right now.

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