Thursday shots

Lots going on this week.
  • I've been working on an alternate Harvest web site. Basic, but functional and fairly attractive. I'll update when it's out for public consumption (if it goes that far).
  • Getting ready for my big project this weekend. I'm re-siding my garage. It's needed it pretty much since we bought the place 3 years ago. This weekend it's happening.
  • Next week is the Oak Creek 4th of July parade. We've got floats in it and I've got some work to do for one of them. Should be a great opportunity to increase Oak Creek's awareness of what's up here at Harvest.
  • We bought a new scale last weekend. It weighs 2lbs heavier than our old one. I'm not sure how that works, but I checked it a couple times. 2lbs. So, If I compensate for the new scale, I've lost 6 lbs as of this morning. 224 (adjusted) isn't bad. Hopefully I'll be at 223 by Saturday. That'll leave just 13 lbs in 9 weeks. If I can manage 2 lbs/week I'll be at 205 by the end of August. I'll really have to push it if I'm going to break the 200 barrier.
  • 6 weeks and 2 days till vacation. Can't wait!