I am a Kansan

I live in Wisconsin. But I am, and will always be, a Kansan

People often ask me why I like Kansas so much.

There are so many reasons. And I suppose that most people like the place where they grew up - assuming that they enjoyed the process. I loved growing up in Kansas. I love the values of the people, the history of the place, the fruitfulness of the land, the beauty of the sunsets.

I love the openness of the skies, and the power of the storms that move across the plains.

I love that you can see for hundreds of miles in any direction. Especially in the Flint Hills.

I love that my parents and my sisters are there. As well as some cousins and my Grandmother.

I love that it still feels a little bit undiscovered.

I miss the wheat fields and the beautiful sunsets. So, to my friends and family in Gods Country - enjoy it for me.