Singing and Everyman

I promised myself that I wouldn't be watching American Idol this season. My horse won last time. And I was pretty well sick of the whole thing.

Then last night happened. Regina and I sit down after getting Amelia to bed. We're talking and flipping channels. There is NOTHING on. Then I see American Idol...

I click and there's Seacrest in his perfectly coiffed wonder. We proceed at our own risk. And it turns out to be an amusing show. But then I ask the question.

"Why does everybody think they can sing?"  


I am amazed each season at the number of people who try out, who clearly thing they can sing better than anyone else, but couldn't carry a tune in a Samsonite suitcase. I am amazed that they cannot hear what they sound like to the rest of the world. And I am amazed that they are amazed when Simon shoots down their hopes and dreams of making the big time.

So, I posted to Twitter, which updated my Facebook: well no Heroes tonight. Strangely we're watching American Idol. Why does everyone think they can sing? about 17 hours ago from vlingo

I need to explain. In my heart I truly believe that every person has the capacity to sing. For some it comes much more easily. For others it takes lots and lots of practice. I also believe that everyone has the right to express themselves in song. Further, I believe that when it comes to personal expression, we are all called to lift our voices in praise to God. To sing.

So please, when you come to church, sing. Sing loudly. Sing boldly. Sing to God from your heart.

But, when it comes to standing on a stage. By yourself. Karaoke. Music Theatre. Whatever. Give it a little critical thought.

And please, please, please, if there is even the slightest chance that you might be on TV - singing, do me this one favor. Find someone and sing for them. Not just anyone. Someone who will give you an honest opinion. A renowned vocal coach at a school would be good. Or the guy in the office down the hall who isn't afraid to hurt anybody's feelings. Or even a perfect stranger.

And above all things, if you are singing somewhere and you are told you are bad by four professionals...