I'm planning Advent.

Not Christmas. Advent.

This is something that I wish people could understand. Christmas starts on Christmas. STARTS.

Advent is before Christmas. ADVENT = BEFORE.

Advent is about preparation and I'm really excited about the intention that we're putting into this years Advent celebrations. It's my goal to help people understand that we need to prepare spiritually for Christmas just like we prepare physically (shopping, decorating, singing the same 12 songs 8 billion times...)

We have to prepare our hearts for the miracle of Jesus birth. And for the reason for that birth. We have to look past the straw and manger to see the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. If we're not prepared it's just singing songs and buying presents.

This year - it's time to get prepared!

Otherwise, you may as well celebrate with Chewy.chewbacca.gif