Why I love Guitar Center

There are way too many reasons to list. I mean, you get to test-drive awesome gear. And they know you're just playing - not buying. And they don't care! That is awesome!

But today I met one of my drummers, Mike, at GC to pick up some gear and try to trade in some faulty equipment. One of the broken items is a DW snare stand. We bought it over 2 years ago. I can't find the receipt. The manager spent a good 25 minutes looking up our old purchases and sorting through the receipts (there are many!) to find the specific one we were looking for. All this so we could return a busted stand.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is service.

They went out of their way for us when they didn't have to. And what's more, the manager was apologetic that it took so long to find the receipt that we didn't have. From two years ago.

Thanks Guitar Center! You guys rock!