Big Girl

We started Amelia in a toddler bed yesterday. Naptime and last night. Both were a struggle. She ended up back in her crib last night - after many attempts to get her back to sleep in the bed. We are tired.


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Kevin said... November 17, 2008 at 9:06 AM

Ha ha!! Not laughing at you, laughing with you... With Avery, we taught her to yell "Please come get me mommy" whenever she woke up in her crib. Then when we transitioned to the toddler bed she stayed in bed until we would come get her.

Then, McKenna wouldn't stay in bed if we paid her in candy. So we skipped the toddler bed altogether and went to a big bed. This is always interesting to find what they will do when giving them a little freedom...

You LOOK tired! :)

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