I'm Back!

Yes. I've been out of the country, in outer space, under a rock, in a coma... I guess it's just been a time I didn't particularly want to share the expanses of my deep thoughts with the www. Oh, yes. I've got some deep thoughts from time to time. But I've been feeling rather introspective. So, the deep thoughts have remained deeply hidden. On Monday, my cousin Kevin chastised me for having not posted for so very long. I told him I'd get back to it. So, thanks Kev. You got me up off my bloggin butt. So, what have the deep thoughts been lately? How do we treat the last part of Mark 16? What is the scriptural relationship between salvation and baptism? Will we always live in the frozen north? Why can't I seem to finish the remodeling project I started 2 plus years ago? Why does motivation take so much work? Can a minivan be cool? Will Obama pay my salary next year along with my healthcare costs? Those are a few of the questions that are rattling around in the attic today. So, Kevin, I'll do my best to keep things moving here "where the action is."


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Kevin said... November 6, 2008 at 8:55 AM

Nice to have your corner of the web active again!

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